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John-TilmonHe grew up in a family ministry.  His uncle was now a pastor and his father, mother, John, and his 2 brothers worked evangelizing, doing children’s and adult ministries, and singing Southern Gospel Music.  John is very familiar with fasting, prayer and the sacrifices that it takes to seek the face of God and find God’s will for his life and its many situations.

At the age of three John was singing solo in front of congregations and by the age of four was signing harmony…even making his first recording at the age of six.  One Sunday while singing a special at the age of three, he began to cry, this was very unusual for him.  He had sung that song hundreds of times in front of people and never batted an eye, but after looking around it was easy to see that the Holy Spirit was in the place and he was being anointed and blessed at the age of three.  Within just a few brief moments, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the spirit swept through that place!  His desire to know God and His power, became his hunger and soon he was filled with the Holy Ghost.

He continues today to seek God and His anointing to see people saved, changed, and encouraged.  I believe that he was created for a purpose, chosen and called for a purpose of great things of God.  Who is this John Henry Tilmon, you may ask?  Well that isn’t important, but whose he is, and that he is a born again, filled with the Holy Ghost, child of the one and only living God…that is what matters.

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John Tilmon Bio

John-TilmonWho is John Tilmon you ask? 

He is a young man that was born John Henry Tilmon in July of 1985, but I would like to go back several months before.  One and a half years before John’s birth, his mother had pain and a small knot on her left side.  After a little over a year, in late March of 1985, the pain became worse and the knot the size of a fist staying on the left side. After seeing the family doctor on a Friday afternoon, she was told that it was urgent that she see a specialist and that the appointment was already made for first thing Monday morning. With this news the family was called with request for prayer.  As God would have it, Larry Tilmon (John’s Uncle) was having revival at the home church and Sunday morning during the revival she went up for prayer.  The next morning at the doctor’s office, while being prepped for the doctor, the nurse noted that the knot was no longer on her left side but moved to the middle of her abdominal area.  She gently asked would it be okay to listen to her abdominal area.  After listening, she asked if she could use a different type of stethoscope.  With permission, she used a stethoscope that could be heard on a room speaker. The room was filled with a very strong heartbeat.  After the emotional discovery and no signs of pregnancy, she was sent home to let it all soak in and to return for more tests a week later.  During that next few days she began to become very tired, hungry and her abdomen grew at an accelerated rate. When arriving for the next appointment a week later, the doctor was shocked at the growth and size from the week before.  After some testing, the doctor stated that he was not sure exactly what had happened, but that she was approximately 24 weeks pregnant now and needed to be watched closely.  You see John was a miracle touched by God, even before he was born.

Since then he has grown and matured and married a beautiful young women who truly is his helpmate.  He has two wonderful children who also show signs of God’s call on their lives as well.  He has been on several mission trips across borders, overseas, and here at home.  He has worked tirelessly on the streets, in homes, and churches…with skits, puppets, preaching, and song and doing whatever is needed to get the gospel of Jesus out to the world that is lost.  He has lead many people to the Lord with his preaching, songs and song writings and will continue doing “whatever it takes.”

You may also ask, how I know this is all true?  Well you see, I am his mother and I saw it all!

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